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Without further adieu – the project we will be focusing on is the repainting of a roof of a preschool in the village. For us to complete this we need to fundraise for all the needed equipment to ship or carry over to Samoa but also to pay for the paint. We are looking forward to these fundraising efforts and would appreciate any assistance! Accompanying this project Tuatagaloa Joe Annandale has been in contact with some schools who have also nominated themselves for assistance.

One school has sent us a list of items which they would really appreciate to assist in teaching and learning. We aim to be able to provide everything on the list for them. Please have a look here and let us know if you are happy to donate in any way.

The application process for the project is still open! We have a few spots left so please get into contact with us ASAP if you wish to be involved. 

Cost: $1,500

Training Sessions

This cost includes:

Flights, accommodation and all 



25th September 
30th October 
13th November



Time:  7:45pm

Where: 131 Gillies Ave. Epsom, Auckland



Training is compulsory. If for some reason you cannot make it to one of the days 

please let us know before hand, to organise

another day for you.

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