So we have been busy planning and organising the smaller details of the trip. Its been a super busy few weeks but we are nearly there!

We have applied for a grant from Jetstar and we are hoping to get some funding to help us pay for all the goods that we want to take over there.

Below we have a rough plan of each of the days we will be there. Its obviously just a plan and subject to change but it gives you all a clearer idea of what we are doing and how we are planning to achieve it.

Day 1: November 22nd

Flight out of Auckland and into Apia

Arrive in Apia

Travel to Poutasi

Meet Tuatagaloa Joe Annandale (high chief of village)

Day 2-5: November 23rd to November 26th

Mornings: Painting begins!

Starting with the sanding back of the roof and removal of dirt, leaves and debris.

Afternoons: Teaching English and Health to students

Day 6: November 27th

Wrap up painting and goodbye to village

Travel to Apia

Day 7-8: November 28th and 29th

Staying in Apia – tourist adventures!

Day 9&10: November 30th and December 1st

Assisting with the Little sisters of the poor in Apia – details TBA

Day 11: December 2nd

Last day! And fly home J

So for now we have a plan and we are working on finalising our group! If you are still interested send us an email ASAP and we can have a chat. Otherwise more posts to come with our updates!

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